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Compostable Parties & Picnics: Must-Use Supplies

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Picnic The weather's gorgeous, and everyone wants to appreciate the outdoors. As family get-togethers, graduation parties and picnics abound, it's time we consider the mess these soirees leave behind. Even though you may sweep up the plastic wrappings, silverware and plates into a garbage bag which is neatly disposed of, there are even better ways to make your picnic or party green.

Mingleasy offers party plates with food and drink compartments that are either biodegradeable or recycleable. They're especially convenient because guests will love being able to carry everything in one hand.

RePEaT offers the aluminum water bottle of silverware: bamboo utensil-sets to use anywhere. Carrying a cute and sustainably-packaged set of these utensils, cuts the need to use plastic to-go silverware while you're out and about.

Convention Totes are the most practical solution to cut plastic bag useage, because they're actually cheap enough that you can afford to buy enough to fill your grocery cart!

The Preserve Tableware Pack is an affordable, reusable set of recycled plastic plates, cutlery and cups for big groups of people. A colorful set including 8 of each is just $21.

For eco-friendly travel advice, check out RTM's Earth Tones Section.


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