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Reduce Pollution with Waterless Car Washes

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37_thumb_carcarekit According to the International Carwash Association, professional car washes are better for the environment than washing your car at home. But what’s even greener (and cheaper) is an entirely waterless car wash. Just spray and wipe anytime with new eco-friendly cleaners that are totally portable. For under $20, you can wash your car 8 times while saving around 800 gallons of water. Try Eco Touch or Lucky Earth for an all-in-one car wash spray with added benefits like UV-resistant coating that helps protect your paint job. The sets sold online are an eco-conscious gift idea for Dad this Father's Day.

At-home car washes waste a resource 1 billion people already lack access to (water), but that’s not the worst part. The pollution of the water used has worse effects on the environment. Detergents and surface residue from driveway or parking lot car washes generally runs directly into the nearest storm drain. Most storm drains carry excess rainwater into nearby waterways without any additional cleaning of that water. Storm water run off is the most common source of pollution of streams, rivers, lakes, oceans and inlets, and can have a devastating effect on aquatic life.

Read more from RTM and the International Car Wash Association about eco-friendly car washes.


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Unfortunately the waterless car wash concept is not the miracle drug it seems. For a car that is mostly clean, it can work well. But a really dirty car has lots of particles, bird poop, gravel, etc. adhered to the car's surface. Trying to wipe this off without a good rinse first will destroy the paint, especially visible with dark colors. Serious scratching and "swirl marks" will result if you use waterless car wash on a truly dirty car. One solution of sorts, which I have adapted, is to let my cars get dirtier than I really like, and thus wash them less frequently. I also gave up washing in the driveway, a local green car wash uses far less water (but is more costly).

These tips are super helpful and great knowledge for people so they stop wasting so much water when washing their cars.

Another great site to check out for waterless carwash products is 3dproducts.com.

I like it because it gives me the freedom to wash my car sans water

Waterless car wash products are great and environment friendly. Mayor Bob Foster of Long beach City encourages his fellow citizen to use waterless car wash in washing. Check this page.


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