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Really Love the Environment? Recycle Caps with Aveda

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Aveda Salon & Spa has been an earth-and community-conscious pioneer in the salon realm throughout it's entire history. Since it launched in 1978 with an all-natural, plant-based hair care line, Aveda has literally taken over the niche environmentally sustainable beauty market. From organic products to responsible packaging by wind-powered manufacturing, all the bases are covered.

Lids Now Aveda's getting down to the little nitty gritty details by extending the boundaries of what can be recycled. They realized that the majority of plastic bottle caps do not get recycled, whether it's because many recycling services don't accept certain caps or lids, or because people just forget about the little things. What they don't consider is that often these caps end up as litter or trash, ending up in landfills and beaches or migrating into our rivers and oceans. When this happens, birds and other marine creatures mistake them for food with tragic results that are devastating to our oceans and wildlife.

Aveda's new campaign, Recycle Caps with Aveda, allows and encuorages the public to bring their rigid cap - like the ones from shampoo or beverage bottles - to any Aveda salon to be recycled. The caps will be repurposed into Aveda packaging, so this toally do-able little good deed works double duty.

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