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Car Care with Pollution-Free Products

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Get For those who love a good afternoon car-wash and oil-change session in the driveway, but feel a questioning cloud of guilt about the chemicals being put into the ecosystem in the process, Green Earth Technologies products are a must-try. GET's car cleaning products have a "sacrifice nothing" approach to saving the Earth...and "technology" isn't in the name for no reason. This company uses advanced nanotechnology and dehydrogenation in production (what's that?) along with renewable and reused oil bases. To start, the 5-piece starter-pack includes all you need for a thorough, green car wash, for less than twenty dollars. For even more, try GET's exquisite, environmentally friendly motor oil, "G-Oil', which has gained quite a following by green automotive innovation followers. Though all GET products and their packaging are biodegradable, non-toxic, recyclable and renewable, the G-Oil is a little controversial because it's made of the animal-fat remnants from the meat industry. However, GET is simply using waste-product, which is a highly sustainable practice, and using this waste product is what allows it's product to be highly biodegradeable and petroleum-free. 

For more eco-friendly car wash tips, check out Road & Travel Magazine's Planet Driven section.


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