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Be Earth-Friendly by Spending Time Outdoors

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Asians picnicing One of the best things we can do to live an earth-friendly lifestyle is to simply appreciate the beauty of the natural outdoors that still exists. It’s easy for environmentalists to get burnt out from the weighty environmental issues and daunting predictions of the future. We often become so determined to make a difference that it’s hard to appreciate the fact that things aren’t so bad just yet. De-stress by taking the time to engage in the simple and light-hearted pleasures that we’ve forgotten about. Get children involved in your plans to put an end to “nature deficit disorder” in children:

  • Take a hike, or wander through an outdoor shopping area
  • Go berry-picking
  • Name shapes in clouds
  • Take a "moon walk" through a neighborhood, trail, or beach
  • Enjoy the island rain feeling offered by the summer heat combined with the wet of the rain - don't be afraid to go outside in it!
  • Camp out in the backyard!
  • Make a daisy chain, blow a grass whistle, or skip a stone
  • Go on a scavenger hunt: Try geocaching or letterboxing
  • Make your own picnic outside, or opt for a place with an outdoor patio when dining out

When you get back to the digital realm, post your wildlife or nature story on the National Wildlife Federation’s Wildlife Watch journal.

For information about healthy living and the outdoors from Road & Travel Magazine, click here.


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