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Eco-Friendly Road Trip: Take the Guilt out of Driving

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Carpool Even though your car's going to log way more miles than usual, road trips are actually a pretty efficient way of travel. Think of it as a really long carpool - by packing a bunch of people into one car, the group as a whole uses less resources. Want to make your trip even greener?

·         Skip the drive-through – idling wastes gas and your money, produces emissions, and is bad for your car (it increases overall engine wear). In New York City alone, idling cars and trucks each year produce 130,000 tons of carbon dioxide, a new Environmental Defense Fund report shows.

·         Rent a hybrid or vegetable oil powered van.

·         Try not to speed – every 5 mph you travel over 60 mph costs you roughly an extra 20 cents per gallon.

·         Try to eat locally, or use a green restaurant guide.

·         Stay at campsites if possible, or at hotels that are making an effort to go green.


For more road trip advice, visit RTM's Travel Advice & Tips Section.


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