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Travel Eco Friendly With Humanitourism

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Humanitourism-pic1 Most tourists travel to an area's hot destinations and famous attractions then head home with some great stories having never really experienced the culture of their destination and often have left behind a hefty carbon footprint. Inside/out travel company has come up with a plan to change that with a new kind of travel they call "humanitourism," which combines a humanitarian project with an eco-friendly guided adventure travel.

“Ideally, we’d love for people to return home and continue a relationship with the project and people visited, either with support, mentoring or even return visits,” said inside/out founder Zoe Katsulos.

The travel experience includes stays with local hosts or in culturally significant accommodations and enables travelers to experience local food and culture. On most trips the volunteer work lasts seven days with 6 additional days for local adventure. Small group sizes, from 6-12 people, are designed to provide opportunities for each traveler to personally interact with the local population and make a difference.

Click here to learn more about "humanitourism."


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