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What to Look For in an Energy Efficient Home

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ESNWRedEnvelope If you just happen to be in the market to buy or build a new home, make sure it is energy efficient by looking for eco-friendly features when planning any renovations.

If your home is ENERGY STAR qualified it is at least 15 percent more energy efficient. Any home three stories or less can earn the ENERGY STAR label if it is verified to meet the EPA’s guidelines for energy efficiency. This includes site-constructed homes; system built and log homes, or existing homes. Here are some features you can check out in your current or new home to make sure it can be energy efficient.

1. Effective insulation in walls, floors and attics

2. High-performance windows help keep heat in during the winter months and out during summer.

3. Tight construction and ducts improves comfort and indoor air quality while reducing utility bills.

Learn more about ENERGY STAR qualifications from the EPA.


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