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Eco-Friendly Ways to Pack for a Trip

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Eco-friendly packing Organization has always been the key to packing light, and surprisingly enough a little organization can help you pack the eco-friendly way.

First, put a little thought into packing. Where are you going? What will you be doing? And will you be going anywhere that requires a dress code? Think about what you need, and bring only that. As long as you aren’t out rolling around in the mud or stinking up your clothes, most things can be worn more than once.

Remove packaging waste. Take anything that is packaged out of its wrapping before packing it. It will save you space in your suitcase and you won’t be transporting waste.

Airlines have strict rules about the size of many liquid items and travel sized toiletries can be a big waste if you travel frequently. So think about where you are going, most hotels provide any personal item you might need and if you are staying with family, use what they have. If you do use travel sized items save the bottles so you can refill them for your next trip.

Making good packing choices and taking a moment to think about it rather than just throwing random items into a bag, will save you space and essentially reduce waste. The lighter your bag is the less energy you are using to transport it.

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