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Eat Leaner and Greener: An Easy Way to Eat Better

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Produce People are always trying to make lifestyle changes, whether you are trying to live more eco-friendly or trying to eat better, here are some ways you can do a little bit of both.

Avoid boxes at the supermarket. Whether they are frozen or sitting on a shelf anything in a package most likely is processed or contains refined ingredients. Get a little more down to earth when it comes to shopping; fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and other natural grains and nuts are all great options. You are also eliminating all the extra packaging that comes with boxed and wrapped goods.

Another option is to shop organic. Today, supermarkets are doing a great job keeping organic goods stocked. However, a better option is to shop local at your local farmers market. Not only are you buying goods knowing exactly where they came from, you are supporting your local economy. Farmer’s markets are a healthy and wallet friendly option.

Just making simple changes to your shopping habits can make a difference in your goals to become more eco-friendly and healthier.


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