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Why Buy Organic Cotton Clothing?

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Organic cotton benefits By Rebecca Eve Schweitzer

EWP has written before about buying organic fabrics for an eco-chic look. But what are the benefits to buying an organic cotton t-shirt over a regular cotton t-shirt that probably costs less than its organic counterpart?

Organic Cotton is Kind to the Planet
According to the Organic Consumers Association cotton accounts for 50% of the world's fiber needs, and in the United States a third of a pound of chemicals is used to produce just one t-shirt. Certified organic farmers focus on maintaining healthy soil and using natural weeding and pest control methods to avoid such heavy chemical use. Fewer chemicals mean a healthier planet, healthier farm workers and the protection of beneficial insect species, which keep pests at bay naturally.

Organic Cotton Feels Amazing
Next time you see an organic cotton garment, take a little time to feel it. The care put into growing and harvesting the fiber makes for a soft, natural feel. Also, cotton and other natural fibers allow your skin to breath unlike synthetic fibers. There is even some concern that the chemicals used to produce commercial cotton could be absorbed through the skin creating irritation.

More Organic Cotton Means Fewer Chemicals
As more demand is created for organic cotton clothing, more farmers will grow organic cotton. The Organic Trade Association reported a 152% increase in organic cotton grown by farmers during the 2007-2008 crop year. By buying organic cotton clothing, you can influence more companies to make organic clothing, which ultimately means more farmers will use organic farming methods.

Who knew shopping could be so responsible!


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Beware, however, of brands trying to sell their products as "green" but they might not be organic. You cannot always just trust the labels because they could be trying to rip you off. It's really hard to to find product's that market themselves as green, but actually ARE organic. A website that I found usefull is blog.guffly.com They are really clear about what/why a product is eco-friendly and they are a site dedicated solely to eco-friendly products so you know you can trust them!!

organic clothing are best and comfort for sleepwears.

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