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April 2009


Toyota Plans Yaris-Based Hybrid

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Yaris The hybrid war between Toyota and Honda is heating up with Toyota Motor Corp’s plans of a new small hybrid car to take on the Insight, the inexpensive hybrid by Honda.

The announcement, first reported last month by Japanese business newspaper, Nikkei, suggests Toyota is facing fierce competition with Insight hybrid estimated cost of $20,000 when it goes on sale this month, several thousand less than Toyota’s Prius.

"We are developing a low-priced hybrid vehicle like Honda's Insight," Akihiko Otsuka, the chief engineer on the third-generation Prius, told Nikkei. "We are going to compete by expanding our hybrid-vehicle lineup to smaller hybrids, in the class of the Vitz (sold in Japan) and the Yaris."

According to Automotive News (free subscription required), the new Insight is selling well in Japan, and Honda is planning to follow-up with a gas-electric version of the Fit compact.

So, keep your eye on the horizon for a price war consumers.

More on this from Automotive News.


Eco-Chic Bathrooms by Moen

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Fina-Faucet-By-Moen From toilets to tubs, roughly 60 percent of a home’s water consumption takes place in the bathroom, according to the California Urban Water Conservation Council. Eco-friendly bathrooms no longer have to mean having a showerhead with very little pressure, or installing a toilet with a weak flush. Thanks to faucet and fixtures supplier, Moen, here are some bathroom necessities that are chic and eco friendly:

Toilets —Most of the water wasted in American homes comes from toilets, and finding an efficient toilet is not easy. When looking to purchase your next toilet look for the WaterSense label from the EPA that certifies the product is both water-efficient and high-performing.

Faucets —The new Fina bathroom faucet collection from ShowHouse by Moen incorporates remarkable design and a flow-optimized aerator, which allows the faucet to flow at a lower rate than traditional faucets.

Moen-Velocity-Multifunction-Rain-Shower-Head Showerheads —Using a flow-optimized, water-saving showerhead can reduce water usage by up to 30 percent. Not only do these showerheads save a significant amount of water, they help reduce energy by having to heat less water. Homeowners till experience a high-performance shower while reducing water usage.

Next time you are doing a bit of bathroom remodeling make sure you incorporate these eco-chic fixtures.