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Turn That Old News into Something Fabulous

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Tired of all the bad news? Well if you are the good news is those newspapers can be benefiting the sustainable fashion industry. Now we hope you are already recycling those old magazines and newspapers, but if you aren’t, it’s time to turn that old news into something new.

Recylced Paper Purse From picture frames, handbags, to jewelry that old newsprint can be turned into something truly fabulous with a little imagination. Green Verdana, an on-line accessories retailer that specializes in specialize in trendy, stylish, fashion forward purses made from recycled newspaper. Each item is completely hand-made, often taking the designer 1 to 2 full days per purse.

The products are designed by in conjunction with a co-op of 32 women located in Brazil. Green Veranda is their exclusive representative in the USA. Green Veranda strongly supports Fair Trade. The company also plants a tree in the U.S. for every item sold and donates 10 percent of purchase profits to the non-profit organization of your choice.



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The website for Green Veranda has some really great products- I espeically love the clock made out of recyled newspaper. There are some products, like the breakfast trays, that don't even look like they are made from old newspapers, but they are! Thanks for the post! I love the website! I love that you know exactly what's up with these procuts: they are recycled newspaper and they support fair trade. It's hard to find some websites/stores that you can be sure that do that. Another blog that i found that clearly labels whats eco-friendly about their products is blog.guffly.com They don't try and trick you at all! Plus, you can vote on their prodcuts, and let them know what you think. Thanks for the post! I love this store!!!

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