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Ordering Sustainable Sushi

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Sushi Attention all sushi lovers, you can now make seafood choices that are both sustainable and tasty, all while safeguarding the world’s ocean wildlife.

Three leading ocean conservation organizations, the Blue Ocean Institute, Environmental Defense Fund and the Monterey Bay Aquarium, have made available color-coded consumer guides ranking popular sushi selections based on whether they are prepared using seafood that’s caught or farmed in way that harm the ocean, or pose a health risk to people.

So what does this have to do with sustainability? Many species of fish are either overfished, farmed with aquaculture methods that pollute the ocean, or caught using methods that destroy ocean habitats or kill large amounts of other sea life.

All three guides offer a substantially consistent message about the best selections, as well as the fish to avoid when choosing sushi. So go ahead, enjoy that raw fish, just make sure you know what kind it is.


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