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January 2009


Have an Eco-Friendly Super Bowl Sunday

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Eco friendly party After countless Sunday’s of sitting one’s butt on the couch, fixated on the TV, the day has finally come. Super Bowl XLIII, the one football game that is essentially the epitome of man’s athletic ability, and more than anything else, puts the majority of American’s in front of their TV all at the same time. And as any eco-conscious person knows, its one device in our home that sucks up energy like it’s going out of style.

Traditionally, the Super Bowl is a chance for American’s to gather together and celebrate NFL greatness. Well this year, why not try to make your Super Bowl Sunday a little eco-friendly. So even if the day is filled with hearty chili, greasy finger foods, and ice cold beer, here are some tips to make your day a bit more guilt free.

·         Have a party, then less people are consuming energy.

·         Send electronic invites to your guests, and take it a step further by asking them to carpool if they can.

·         Buy organic or locally produced snacks. That giant football shaped cheese ball you’re making, why not try using organic cheeses and local veggies.

·         Use reusable plates, silverware and glasses. Also, try napkins made out of recycled paper.

·         Recycle any cans and bottles and make sure you inform your guests so they don’t just toss them in the trash.

·         Send any leftovers home with guests in recyclable containers.

So have fun, and be a little more eco-conscious so we can enjoy this day for another 43 years.


Get a Green Clean Clorox Greenworks

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Green Works Now more than ever you can walk down the cleaning supply aisle and find a plethora of organic and all natural household products. And if you are someone that like to stick with what you know works, one of the most trusted household cleaners, Clorox, has developed a new line of eco-friendly products. It really works too!

Clorox Greenworks cleaners offer the same results in a green disguise. The cleaners are made from biodegradable, plant-based ingredients derived from coconuts, essential oils, lemon, and come in a recyclable bottle. These eco-friendly products can be found at many major retailers and supermarkets and are very affordable, the sustainable cleaners range from $2.99 - $3.59.


Reebok Produces Eco-Friendly Super Bowl Championship Tees

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Football Is the super bowl going green? Maybe not entirely, but some of the apparel will be. This year, Reebok’s Super Bowl championship Locker Room Tees that are worn by the winning team following Super Bowl XLIII in Tampa Bay, Fla. will be made using eco-friendly, 100 percent organic cotton fabrics.

The tees feature fabric made from organic cotton yarn, hang tags made of recycled materials and signature green stitching on the shoulder and inside neck seams, which distinguishes the product as the official organic Super Bowl Locker Room Tees. 

The players aren’t the only ones that will enjoy these eco-friendly duds, Reebok is making them available for the public online and at local sporting goods retailers for a limited time following the big game. And who ever thought being eco-friendly wasn’t manly!

(Source: Reebok International Ltd.)


Garmin's Eco Friendly Navigation Technology

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Gr-ecoroute150 We are always on the lookout for new ways to save both fuel and money. Well to make things a little easier GPS manufacturer Garmin has announced a little software called ecoRoute.

With ecoRoute you can become more fuel efficient by adopting smarter driving habits and finding alternative routes. The software is compatible with Garmin Nuvi devices, and will not only create itineraries based on the most fuel-efficient course; they will also be the fastest and shortest distances. Users select vehicle type and enter the fuel economy, and then Nuvi will determine if more fuel efficient routes exist based upon road speed data and vehicle acceleration data for a given route.

Garmin also offers features that include a Fuel Report and a Mileage Report that tracks and monitor your mileage and fuel usage on a per-trip basis. Mileage Report makes it easy for business travelers to keep track of distance traveled for company reimbursements.

Just another example of how modern technology is making our lives easy and eco friendly.


Toyota Introduces Certified Used Hybrid Program

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Toyota Prius Not sure if you like the idea of buying a used hybrid? Wondering if you can trust the vehicle has been taken care of? Well, you can stop wondering.

In all efforts to attract new buyers to the hybrid market, Toyota has launched its Toyota Certified Used Hybrid (TCUH) program, which provides added inspection and warranty coverage on certified use Toyota hybrids.

Customers benefit from additional inspection and warranty coverage on Toyota hybrids within the program. Each vehicle comes with the three-month/3,000-mile comprehensive warranty, seven-year/100,000-mile limited powertrain warranty and roadside assistance plan. The program also brings added awareness to a pre-existing eight-year/100,000-mile factory hybrid battery warranty.

You can drive your used Toyota Prius off the lot with the confidence of purchasing a new vehicle with the value of a used vehicle.

(Source: Toyota)



Offset Carbon Emissions on the Road

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Green-travel You don’t have to own a hybrid to be interested in protecting the earth from dangerous greenhouse gases. And if you are someone who feels there isn’t a hybrid available to suit your lifestyle, there are alternative options to help reduce your carbon footprint.

Carbon Offset Programs — Many programs like MyClimate offer services that allow users to calculate their personal, carbon emissions – based on automotive transportation, flights and energy consumption. Calculate yours and see where changes can be made.

Traveling Green — When traveling, consider eco lodge options, those that use green products, generate their own power and specialize in sustainable, responsible tourism.

On the Road — Headed for a road trip? An often overlooked option is a hybrid car rental; ask the rental company if they have hybrid options. Stuck with the car you’ve got? You can still do your part by carpooling – an efficient way to save fuel, reduce carbon emissions and relieve traffic congestion.

Learn more about offsetting your carbon emissions.

Waste & Recycling Industry Hit by Recession

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We-RecycleFrom California to Taiwan, from Guam to Britain, countless media reports tell the same story: the global recession has driven down the cost of recyclables while driving up recycling costs. Unable to cover these costs with revenue, independent collectors, brokers or recycling factories are calling for government assistance to help them weather out the difficult times.

In response to a growing number of requests, EIN News has launched a new website, Waste Management & Recycling Today to cover the global news on all kinds of waste & recycling issues that have both consumers and producers watching. The site will give recyclers all the news and resources they need to continue their environmentally-friendly efforts.

(Source: EIN News)


Ford Motor Company's Electric Future

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Ford Motor Company announced at the 2009 NAIAS its plan to bring pure battery electric vehicles and next-generation hybrids and plug-in hybrids to the market.

The company has already produced a prototype based on the Focus platform. Ford said they will offer a full-battery operated van to commercial fleets by next year. By 2011 Ford will have a small electric passenger car ready for American drivers.

The automaker will produce four different electric vehicles within the next four year, each expected to ready up to 100 miles on a single battery charge.

(Source: Ford)

GM to Manufacture 2010 Chevy Volt Battery Packs

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2010-Chevy-Volt This week during press conferences held at the North American International Auto Show, General Motors Chairman and CEO Rick Wagoner announce that the 2010 Chevrolet Volt will use battery packs manufactured by GM in the U.S.

The Volt is an extended-range electric vehicle that delivers up to 40 miles of gasoline- and emissions-free electric driving.

The GM facility will be the first first lithium-ion battery pack manufacturing plant operated by a major automaker in the United States.  It consists of lithium-ion cells that are grouped into modules, along with other key battery components. GM has been testing battery packs for the Volt, powered by cells from LG Chem. Compact Power INC., of Troy, Mich. Output is set to start in 2010.

(Source: General Motors)


Automakers Introduce New EcoDriving Program

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EcoDriving Automakers have recently announced a new EcoDriving program, a comprehensive nationwide effort to help save you money at the gas pump, reduce fuel use and cut carbon emissions. It’s a way to save you money and help the environment at absolutely no cost, all it takes is a few changes to your driving habits.


For example, stop tailgating, know the proper way to accelerate and brake, use synchronized traffic lights to your advantage, drive at the optimum highway speed, and understand when to use air conditioning can all help reduce fuel consumption.


The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, the group of automakers responsible for launching the program, has also offered maintenance tips as part of the EcoDriving program. Some of the maintenance practices include, knowing which motor oil to use, understanding the importance of tire pressure and understanding aerodynamics.


EcoDriving produces the highest mileage from every single vehicle, regardless of size, make and age. If half of all drivers nationwide practice moderate levels of EcoDriving annual carbon dioxide emissions could be reduced by about 100 million tons, equivalent of heating and powering 8.5 million households. Now that is a tremendous impact!

Learn more about EcoDriving at www.EcoDrivingUSA.com.