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Have an Eco-Friendly Super Bowl Sunday

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Eco friendly party After countless Sunday’s of sitting one’s butt on the couch, fixated on the TV, the day has finally come. Super Bowl XLIII, the one football game that is essentially the epitome of man’s athletic ability, and more than anything else, puts the majority of American’s in front of their TV all at the same time. And as any eco-conscious person knows, its one device in our home that sucks up energy like it’s going out of style.

Traditionally, the Super Bowl is a chance for American’s to gather together and celebrate NFL greatness. Well this year, why not try to make your Super Bowl Sunday a little eco-friendly. So even if the day is filled with hearty chili, greasy finger foods, and ice cold beer, here are some tips to make your day a bit more guilt free.

·         Have a party, then less people are consuming energy.

·         Send electronic invites to your guests, and take it a step further by asking them to carpool if they can.

·         Buy organic or locally produced snacks. That giant football shaped cheese ball you’re making, why not try using organic cheeses and local veggies.

·         Use reusable plates, silverware and glasses. Also, try napkins made out of recycled paper.

·         Recycle any cans and bottles and make sure you inform your guests so they don’t just toss them in the trash.

·         Send any leftovers home with guests in recyclable containers.

So have fun, and be a little more eco-conscious so we can enjoy this day for another 43 years.


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