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Hybrid Houses of the Future

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EcoTechDesign Home Suited to Jetson-family taste with its shiny exterior and sleek lines, this off-the-grid hybrid house in California is made of plain old shipping containers, despite its futuristic façade. Using high-efficiency construction methods that go beyond standard prefab building, this smartly designed home is a sustainable, affordable option for green-minded families and features a whole slew of eco-friendly features. 

With a solar home shading system and “living roof” that uses grey water to nurture native plants, the all-steel construction house is unusually strong, offering earthquake, fire and wind protection alongside extreme efficiency. In fact, the simply designed home can be pre-engineered so that its cargo container pieces are assembled in less than an hour, according to sustainable architecture company, EcoTechDesign.

Plenty of sunlight, lots of space for greenery, and an outdoor breezeway add up to the perfect Mojave desert home, if Southern California’s warm-weather atmosphere suits your style. We'd add some solar panels to the roof, park an electric car or hybrid in the driveway and host one heck of an open house if we had the keys to a green home like this. Tell us, what would your dream green home look like if you could design it from the ground up?

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Nice post on a very cool blog! I was just thinking last night about houses built from shipping containers and railway freight cars, and am thinking of combining these with some aerodynamic / aerospace designs to create something truly unique.

Anyways, keep showing us the coolest, greenest, most biomorphic buildings on Earth.

Peace 2 All,

Joe Trainor, Editor
21st Century Architecture

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